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Supplements & CBD - Commonalities

The dietary supplement industry has a bad reputation. BMC Medicine released a study in 2013 in which 44 bottles of herbal supplements from 12 companies were tested and the results were damaging. They found that one-third of the supplements tested...

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CBD Oil for Athletes: How does it work? Is it safe?

All athletes should be concerned with how stress, anxiety, and pain affect their bodies. Stress can ruin your performance and it can also enhance your performance. When athletes are faced with too much stress, they cannot respond effectively and may...

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Top 5 Reasons CBD is Safe

Top 5 Reasons CBD is Safe: The extracted part of the hemp plant is known as CBD (Cannabidinoid) and it is among 105 compounds known as cannabinoids. CBD is extracted and will be later mixed with some liquid i.e. mostly...

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