Supplements & CBD - Commonalities

The dietary supplement industry has a bad reputation. BMC Medicine released a study in 2013 in which 44 bottles of herbal supplements from 12 companies were tested and the results were damaging. They found that one-third of the supplements tested didn't contain the supplement advertised. Many others contained wheat and rice that weren't even listed on the label. This is truly dangerous and the lack of transparency could be detrimental to our health. In fact, many cases have struck lawsuits - Purity First B-50 is a vitamin b dietary supplement that was tested and contained anabolic steroids – this was a turning point for the FDA and they started cracking down on herbal supplements.

However, the FDA doesn’t have enough employees to monitor every single herbal supplement. And with the emergence of CBD they don’t know how to ensure that the public is getting quality products that are accurate to what the ingredient label states. So, what does this mean for CBD?

One should be very careful when purchasing CBD. It may not contain anabolic steroids but it may not contain any CBD either. We highly recommend staying away from purchasing CBD at gas stations or anywhere that one can’t get accurate information on the specific product. If purchasing online, dig further into the product and read actual customer reviews (not reviews from other companies) because these are the people who have tried the product. If you can’t find those then look for test results that state cannabinoid, pesticides, microbials, and other solvents that shouldn’t be in the oil. This should be on the website.

The good thing about us is that ALL of our brands are curated by us. We go through a rigorous process to determine if a brand would be right for our customers. This includes viewing test results, reviewing customer reviews, learning about the company’s manufacturing processes, and learning about the companies values & mission. All of this determines if we carry the company’s products. Rest assured that you can get quality CBD here.

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