About Us

Who is CBD Discount Shop?

We are here to bring ample opportunities to those in need. CBD is still in the "mania phase" of the market cycle, this means prices and profit margins are at their highest. Within the next few years, prices will begin to drop and everyone will be able to afford CBD. However, we are here to combat high prices now. We have a reliable supplier connected with verified and tested CBD products. All of the products we sell must be compliant under the United States Farm Bill, meaning they are compliant of all regulations and under 0.3% THC. We don't only focus on quality and price, we focus on giving unbelievably great service. If you ever have any questions or concerns, don't hesistate to contact us. Thank you for supporting us and we hope we can help support you too!

-Zach, Owner

The 3 C's of our company:


There is a difference between being responsive and going the extra mile. Let us know any concerns or questions that you have and we will ensure a happy outcome.


Consistency is the key to building trust. We work on building trust with our customers by providing them with consistent, good products. All of our suppliers are verified under the 2014 United States Farm Bill and compliant with test results.


Our passion is to bring you low cost, high quality products every single time. We are compassionate about helping those that need it the most. Nearly 17% of people who would use CBD do not because of the cost. We are here to change that.

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