Be Phenomenal 1500MG Iso Tincture (MADE WITH 99%+ PURITY CBD)

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Be Phenomenal Wellness Co. 1500mg ISO Tincture is formulated with 99%+ Pure CBD isolate, proudly grown and processed in the US. Our CBD isolate goes through a number of stages of processing to achieve a highly purified CBD isolate powder. The first stage starts as hemp CBD biomass which is  Co2 extracted utilizing super critical extraction techniques which then goes through a number of filtration steps including chromatography to remove remaining THC and impurities, once our CBD is isolated, it then goes through a process of breaking down the crystalline into a fine powder to maximize the absorption rate when ingested. CBD isolate tinctures are highly recommended to users seeking a product with no detectable amounts of THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) in 3rd party COA (Certificate of Analysis) lab reports.

Our 1500mg ISO Tincture contains just two ingredients: 99%+ Pure CBD Isolate, and Olive Oil (carrier oil).

1500mg CBD per 30ml bottle

50mg CBD per 1ml dropper 

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