Beezy Beez's Pain Balm | 4oz | 400mg

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Our Beezy Beez pain balm is made with the best stuff on this planet, Maybee even the universe. Our pain balm contains a whopping 400mg of Pure Full spectrum CBD. This planet gives us everything we ever needed. So with our amazing Beezy Beez formula you get everything you need to help your body get rid off those horrible aches and pain. Don't use pills or toxic rubs, Use what is given to us by nature.. BUZZ BUZZ

Beezy Beez CBD/HEMP products are all certified and made in our very own certified facility. We are open to the public on certain days as well. Buzz by!!!!

THE BUZZ (ingredients)

-CBD Hemp is derived from the hemp plant (Cannabis Plant) Which contains under the legal % of 0.3 but contains all of the medicinal 
-Our Raw honey is harvested local to New York and New Jersey. (We are the 
-Manuka Honey comes from New Zealand and has many anti-inflammatory properties. 
-Royal Jelly is the only substance that the queen bee eats. The queen bee lives 3-5 years compared to a worker or drone bee that lives 4-6 weeks. 
-We Harvest our Bees Wax. Bees wax carries many anit-inflammatory and 
antibacterial properties and is great for dry skin.
-Coconut oil is extracted from the meat of the coconut and is highly in saturated fats.
-Eucalyptus Lemon essential oil.

-Emu oil

-Cocoa Butter

-Arnica oil


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