Dank Flavors: Classic Tincture


This original DANK Classic Tincture line boasts 100-5000mg 99.9% PURE CBD for your specific dosing needs which contains NO THC and comes in a wide variety of organic flavors to choose from

Though this is our Classic line and you will get tons of amazing benefits from utilizing CBD by itself, we highly recommend that you utilize our Terpene Blended Need Specific Tinctures as they are filled with a LOW to HIGH dose of synergistic Terpenes that were created to work hand in hand with CBD and give you more of a well rounded and need specific product that may serve your needs even better! 

Dank Flavors Tinctures are 100% Organic, Natural, Vegan, Pure and Freakin' Delish. We have kept all users in mind from adults to children to athletes to those recovering from addictions. We have, and are working, on something for everyone.

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