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One of our MOST POPULAR Releases:  300 Plus Hemp Wax Crumble, 30% concentration with 300mg of CBD per gram!!

This is NOT like other CBD products marketed as a dab……This is an ALL NATURAL formulation that has no other added ingredients, except a small amount of grape seed oil for enhanced taste and moist consistency.  It is hemp oil extract that has been worked with to create a natural waxy consistency and looks like Warm Golden Honey!  And, its Packed with a minimum 300mg of the finest CBD grown in the U.S.A.  (Color variation from batch to batch is normal.  It can range from a pale milky yellow to a rich red or even brown.  Again, this is normal)

Color variation from batch to batch is normal.  It can range from a pale milky yellow to a rich red or even brown.  Again, this is normal.  The ingredients and flavor are the same as past batches.  Enjoy!

The first batch they made was just pure hemp oil extract which tasted great.  Then, they added some whipped in air to make it waxy.  Their unique methodology allows us to turn the pure extract oil into nice moist wax consistency.  People Love It!

300 Plus Hemp Wax Crumble is intended for bowls or wax chambers on vape pens.  But, it can also be used topically on cancers or growths*.  And, it can even be taken orally as its All Natural.

The smoke is rich, yet smooth and has been heralded as “My Finest Creation to Date” by the designer.

Like all Highland Pharms CBD Products:
–  Whole Plant Extract
–  All Organicly Grown
–  Non GMO
–  SuperCritical CO2 Extraction for CBD in Pristine Condition
–  Beautiful Taste

Ingredients (1 gram):  Hemp Extract.

You won’t find any other CBD Dab that is as powerful and as smooth as 300 Plus Hemp Wax Crumble.

(*No information herein is intended to treat any health condition)

What are terpenes?  Terpenes are naturally occurring compounds found in the hemp plant.  And, FX is our brand of terpenes we highly recommend for those who want to accentuate any particular property of the plant.  Each of the titles of products above, such as “Chill”, gives you a bottle of the terpene responsible for the feeling of relaxation as provided by the hemp plant.  Each title tells you what attribute it enhances.  And, yes, you get a separate bottle of the terpene, thus allowing you to add as much or as little as you like to your wax.  Simply add 2 to 3 drops when you desire it.  And, you can add the terpene to any other material you might be vaping or smoking.

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