Tillman Tranquils CBD Mints | 1 box of 12 packs

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***these mints contain no thc***

This large box with 12 packs of THC-free CBD mints is excellent for anyone who doesn’t want to risk running out as they go about their day. The refreshing “super fresh” peppermint taste and smell combined with the discreet look make these CBD mints easy to take with you when you’re out and about. Anytime, anywhere microdosing can help you relax, sleep, maintain centered focus, and calm down in stressful situations.

Each mint contains five milligrams of hemp-derived CBD extract with no THC. You get 20 mints in each pack.Each mint has a protective pan coating that protects the hemp extract’s integrity from light, heat, and humidity.

Our mints are certified vegan and made in the USA. Tillmans Tranquils mints are made without GMO ingredients and there is no gluten, HFCS, magnesium stearate, or artificial ingredients for a healthier, natural alternative that you can indulge in without guilt or worry.

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